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Making poses – Part 1: Basics & Prep

Creating a pose from scratch can seem pretty daunting if you’ve never done it before. Luckily it’s not as hard as it seems! With the help of Anamnesis (and this guide) you’ll be making beautiful poses in no time.

Anamnesis: Invisible models

Want to load in a weapon without a character holding it? Or maybe you’re confused when one of my releases says “weapon is on separate invisible model”. Either way, this guide will help you with just that.

Making poses – Part 3: The hard stuff

We’ve learned how to make a basic pose. Now it’s time to increase the difficulty a little. In this guide we’ll explore the common problems in pose making and how to solve them.

Basics of lighting in Gpose

There’s a lot to be explored when talking about lighting. This guide will be covering the in game tools we have at our disposal, as well as how to apply them effectively. Let’s dive right into it!

Making poses – Adapting poses to other races

Ever feel cheated because a pose claimed to be for all races but looks horrible on your character? What if I told you there’s a super easy fix for this? Adapting a pose to a different race is actually a breeze!

Character posing using just Gpose

Whether you ‘ve tapped into the supply of custom poses or haven’t got a clue what I’m referring to, one thing is for sure: Posing your character can be a struggle. But it doesn’t have to be!

Screenshot composition: The basics

Composition is how we arrange individual elements in our photographs to either tell a story or simply look enticing to the viewer. The purpose of this guide is to get you started on thinking with composition in mind.

Up-scaling your screenshot’s resolution

“How did you get this screenshot at such a high quality?” Is a question I’m no stranger to. While I’ve seen a lot of people assume that it must be mods, it’s actually more accessible than that.