Making poses – Adapting poses to other races

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You might have run into this issue before; a pose you downloaded doesn’t look entirely right on your character despite it supposedly being for “all races”. Despite what the creator claimed, your Lalafell now looks like a demonic summon and you’ll be having nightmares for the next few nights.

What if I told you there’s a super easy fix for all this? Adapting a pose to a different race than it was made for is actually a breeze!

This guide assumes basic knowledge of Anamnesis. If you’re not familiar with the tool and are having issues following along with this guide, please have a look at the Anamnesis Wiki or check out my full posing guide.

Identifying the problems

I create all my poses uses my Miqo’te. When these poses are applied to races with similar builds this generally doesn’t lead to any problems. Perhaps you might end up having to tweak some minor details here and there, but nothing super time consuming. The real issues begin with you try to apply said poses to larger or smaller races. The simplest way to explain why this happens is also just the most obvious one. Different proportions call for different adjustments to the bones.

Let’s identify the issues when applying a Miqo’te pose to a Lalafell model. It should already be pretty clear from the image alone, but let’s list out the issues.

  • The face is an absolute mess
  • The ears are pointy
  • The arms/hands clip into the body

Fixing the face

Although it might seem the most challenging, fixing the face is actually the easiest part of this all. We’re going to be loading in a new face for this pose.

Before we can do that, let’s prep! We’re going to want to save the default expressions of our character at a natural state. While you can download all the Lalafell expressions or Miqo’te (F) expressions right here, I will also show you how to do it yourself in case you are doing this for another race.

With your character in a default and unfrozen state, we’re going to look at the Gpose menu. Navigate to the motion tab and then open up the emote menu. Here we head on over to the expressions tab.

If you want to save multiple expressions, the easiest way to do this is by leaving your character unfrozen and selecting an expression one at a time. Every time you select a new expression, in the pose tab in Anamnesis you can hit the save button.

Don’t worry about the error it gives you for leaving your character unfrozen, for quickly saving expressions it doesn’t matter. Freezing and unfreezing your character everything you save an expression would just be tedious and isn’t needed.

Load in the pose you want to fix like you would any other pose. Once you’ve done this, go back to the load button but this time hit the arrow to the right of it. This will bring up a little menu with some options. We’re going to hit “Expression”. Now load in the pose file that contains the expression we just saved.

If everything went right, the only thing that will be loaded in is the expression and ears, leaving the rest of the pose untouched but fixing the face.

Fixing the clipping

At this point the only thing that is left is fixing the clipping issues. This is straight forward enough really. All you have to do is move the relevant bones a smidge. When adapting poses to different races I won’t make major changes that would drastically change the feel of the pose. But I also won’t force myself to retain the exact essence of the pose either. When adapting a pose to another race, you shouldn’t feel like you have to make the poses look identical. What works on one body type might not work on another body type. As long as they’re generally the same you’re good to go.

And there we go, a pose fit for even the smallest of us.

That’s a wrap!

Are you left with any questions? No worries! You can head on over to our Discord to ask questions in our Q & A channel. Alternatively, feel free to message me on Twitter.