Particle Effects: Replace pets with in-game models

Ever wanted to add some more flair to your images in the form of a fireball? Well, look no further!

In this guide, I’m going to be showing you how to easily add different types of particle effects to our screenshots. To follow along, you will be needing CMTool and either two characters or the ability to summon a pet.

Location: The Copied Factory ( 10.8 , 6.8 )

Summon a wisp

To get started we’re going to open up Concept Matrix. This works best with either another player character or a SMN/SCH summon. Minions will not work. With my throwaway character at the ready, I’m going to set CMT to Target Mode and select (in my case) Selene.

In Actor Data I go to the Model List on the left-center bottom and look for the model Wisp. Once I’ve found it I click it and hit Actor Refresh.

While we’re currently using the wisp, there’s countless of other little effects you can add like it were a prop. Don’t feel constrained by what I show you, have a look around in the model list!

Let’s Place it!

I’ve gone into Gpose and set up my character. I’ve frozen the scene as this and will be focusing on the wisp from here on out. Select the wisp and go back into CMT. We’ll need to move it into the character’s hand. To do this, we’ll simply edit the X Y Z position of the little flame. You can find this under Actor Data.

Make sure to check the flame’s position at different angles, looks can be deceiving!

Uhoh! Better fix that.

Depth of field

Something minor to keep in mind is that effects in this game and the depth of field options in Gshade don’t work well together. It’ll treat the effect as part of the background. You can choose to forgo the depth of field effect entirely, or you can take two screenshots and work some Photoshop magic. Personally, I don’t mind what the flame looks like with the depth of field filter on.

Raise the heat

It’s also possible to lower and up the intensity of your little flame. By altering the transparency, you can have drastically different effects with as little as two clicks. Transparency is found right above the XYZ positions.

Et voila, there’s your screenshot in all it’s glory.

Enhance lighting in Photoshop

Let’s say you want to crank up the drama a little further. No worries, we can do just that! I opened up my screenshot in Photoshop and went right into the Camera Raw Filter. This is my preferred colour editing tool, but worry not, these tools are pretty universal.

Step 1. Lowered exposure (-0.40)
When working with light, I tend to lower the exposure of the image just a notch to make it’s overall look and feel perhaps even a bit underexposed.

Step 2. Increase highlights and whites (+51 & +43)
I up the intensity of the highlights and whites in the image to allow them and just them to pop more. The remained of the image stays relatively untouched this way.

I swear these are the same fucking image but its 1 AM as I edit this so god knows

Step 3. Decrease shadows and blacks (-42 & -21)Nothing helps light pop as much as a dark environment. I lower the values on both Shadows and Blacks to make both them and the lights they compliment look a lot more intense.

The final result

That’s all!

Is anything left unclear or do you need a bit of extra support? Let’s try and figure it out together! Join us in our Gpose community and support Discord!