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Hallo! I’m Nya Nya!

I’m an interaction & digital media designer. I’m also a hobbyist nature photographer. I’d like to be a teacher within these fields one day. Until then I’m very happy to be sharing what I can through this website and the community I’ve built on Discord.

Frequently asked questions

There’s a few questions I answer more frequently. Before messaging me have a quick look here to save yourself some time! If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here please feel free to contact me through our community Discord

Q. Are there ways to support you?

You can donate on Ko-Fi. I open these donations up only to cover the hosting and domain for nyanya.studio. I’m not really looking to get more out of this. If we ever make it that far, this link will be removed from this page.

Alternatively, please consider donating to the people behind Anamnesis instead.

If you want to support me in different ways, you can do so by sharing my content, joining us on Discord or following me on Twitter!

Q. Will I ever have to pay for your content?

There will never be a paywall on any of the content I create for this website. I’m happy seeing people enjoy what I create.

Q. What mod did you use in “X” or “Y” pose preview?

Please check the preview page for the pose for the credits. If something isn’t listed please ask directly in our Discord server.

Q. Where can I get the Genshin Impact outfit mods?

These are all TNF mods you can access by subscribing to their Patreon.



  1. Body (talls): (NSFW warning) Bibo+, TNF Gen 3 and The Body SE
  2. Body mod (smalls): RE[DE]FINED
  3. Texture mods: Hair defined, face defined and HD eyes
  4. Skin mod: (NSFW warning) Freckles
  5. Face mods: Lalafell face, Lorfangs and soft eyebrows
  6. Frequently used hair mods: Miqo’te, Viera and Au’ra
  7. Preview underwear: Top & bottoms

Make-up and eye mods are not public or I no longer have a source for them.


  1. Photo editing: Photoshop, Lightroom (rarely)
  2. Video editing & animation: After Effects
  3. Recording & converting: OBS, Handbrake