Q. I really appreciate what you do, how can I support you?

A. The content I publish here will never be pay walled and while in the future I might consider opening up a place for donations, any money received there will go into producing more and better content.

However, instead of donating to me (I’m flattered!) please consider donating to the Anamnesis developers here, here and here instead.

If you wish to support me in another way, you can do so by sharing my content, joining us on Discord or following me on Twitter!

Q. What mod did you use in “X” or “Y” pose preview?

A. Please consult the specific page. If there’s no information there on the specific mod used you can ask directly in our Discord.

However the most common question regarding mods I get is for the Genshin Impact poses. These are all TNF mods you can access by subscribing to their Patreon.

Q. What mods do you use in general?

A. Here is a list of mods I use in nearly if not all screenshots.

Body mods (Talls): (NSFW warning) Bibo+, TNF Gen 3 and The Body SE

Body mods (Lalafell): RE[DE]FINED

Texture mods: Hair defined, face defined and HD eyes

Skin mod: (NSFW warning) Freckles

Face mods: Lalafell face, Lorfangs and soft eyebrows

Customize+ used in releases past #94

Make-up mods I use are not public (or are edited and therefore not viable to be shared). Same for eye mods I use. My catgirl’s eye mod is public but I’ve long since lost the link to it. It is part of a larger pack though.