Sleepywood – Gshade preset

Sleepywood is a semi-natural preset that darkens the scene and deepens colours. It’ll reduce overexposure in areas with large amounts of bright surfaces like Limsa lominsa or create a dark canvas for you to add lots of lighting to with Gpose. It’s great for dungeon and cavern like areas such as Sohm Al and Halatali.

The name Sleepywood comes from the deep swampy woods in Maplestory. Sleepywood is a calm, silent place with swamps around it. It has a tunnel that leads to the infamous Jr. Balrog.


Sleepywood darkens the scene before you for either the intent to reduce overexposure of the scene, or a beautiful canvas to work in lighting without brightening the image too far. It can be used to intensify the mysterious air of a dungeon, or to darken bright areas like Dohn Mheg to later add in your own lighting choices.